Seattle area hikes

I am so thankful to live in an area surrounded by mountains. Below are some local hikes, grouped by region. The regions are ordered from closest to farthest from Seattle. There is an asterisk (*) next to my favorite hike in each region.

Issaquah Alps

Poo Poo Point*

Coal Creek Falls

Snoqualmie region

Rattlesnake Mountain

Annette Lake

Snow Lake*

Twin Falls

Goldmyer Hot Springs

Teneriffe Falls

Big Si and Little Si

Rattlesnake Ledge and Cedar Butte

Commonwealth Basin (snowshoeing)

Franklin Falls (winter)

North Cascades

Lake 22 (Lake Twentytwo)*

Heather Lake

Central Cascades

Blanca Lake*

Lake Valhalla

Wallace Falls

Bridal Veil Falls and Lake Serene

Bellingham area

Oyster Dome

Mount Rainier area

Burroughs Mountain*

Green Lake

Olympic Peninsula

Five Mile Island in the Hoh Rain Forest

Rialto Beach Hole-in-the-Wall

Hurricane Ridge*

Puget Sound Islands

Deception Pass

Vancouver area

Grouse Mountain

Garibaldi Lake***


Saint Edward State Park

Umtanum Ridge Crest

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge