View from Södermalm


I visited J in Stockholm for a few weeks. There, we got to do our usual hobbies. We went bouldering at Klättercentret Telefonplan, played tennis by the water, even competed in a Smash Bros tournament at Stockholm University. Back when I was working, it was not possible to go on such long vacations, so this break was special.

We tried the local foods, which were rather heavy. There was a lot of charcuterie and dishes cooked in butter. I found that IKEA meatballs are spot-on to the flavors of Swedish meatballs. I also tried herring and reindeer, which someone admonished as tourist food. The tap water was delicious. The fish dishes I tried were good too, though Seattle fish can’t be beat. It turns out that the Baltic Sea is heavily polluted, so most of the fish is farmed. My favorite meal was a 3-hour 22-course dinner at gastrologik, a restaurant that uses locally-sourced ingredients. The food was amazing, with imaginative combinations and plating.

Otherwise, I walked around the city at least 4 hours a day, and so I got to see everything I wanted to and more. I will write about the places that I went to later. By the first week, I had a good sense of direction and a general feel for each neighborhood. Even mundane tasks were a bit of an adventure for me, like walking an hour north to do laundry at the only laundromat in the city.

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