view from Stan's Overlook

Rattlesnake Mountain

I had a leisurely hike at Rattlesnake Mountain, starting from the west side of the mountain at Snoqualmie Point (the popular Rattlesnake Ledge trail is on the east side of the mountain). The elevation gain was mild, so we comfortably chatted the whole way. There is not much to see on the trail itself, as the trail is always surrounded by trees. Occasionally, I’d see the massive stump of an old-growth tree. The trail’s dirt was packed, but not too packed, perfect for trail running.

On the way down we stopped by Stan’s Overlook and ate a snack. Who was Stan? I imagined a hiker proclaiming with a Mufasa voice, “Everything the light touches is visible from my overlook.” Through the trees, we could see a valley and Mount Si. There was also another clearing that only afforded a view of power lines. Someone joked of the unimpressive view, “that must be Joe’s Overlook.”

Afterwards, I went to the Issaquah Salmon Festival. I was hungry from the hike and quickly scarfed down some baked salmon. There was a booth selling fried alligator. I had never eaten alligator before, so I wanted to try it. The alligator tasted like gamey chicken. The alligator by itself was rather bland, so the fried breading and sweet chili sauce enhanced the taste. The texture was similar to that of chicken, only springier and chewier.

fried alligator
fried alligator

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