Lake 22

Lake 22 (Lake Twentytwo)

I hiked to Lake 22. Including the walk around the lake, the roundtrip distance was approximately 6 miles.

The hike had so much variety of scenery. There were boardwalks, planks often missing or warped, that cut through lush forest. I was glad my shoes were waterproof, because streams flooded the trail in multiple places. There were waterfalls along the way, some small, unexpected delight when I rounded the bend. And there were raging falls that could be heard from a distance. In seemingly random locations, huge old-growth trees stood tall, some split near the base or fused to massive boulders. The trail wound its way out of forest and into a talus slope, where I moved slowly and deliberately up the slick rocks.

I arrived at the oddly-named Lake 22. The lake was a dark, earthy green. I could see the streams feeding into the lake, and even remnants of snow on the mountain face.

The Lake 22 hike was a delight, one in which both the journey and the destination were rewarding.


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