Bumblebees on lavender

Unbusy bees

There’s a lot of bumblebee activity in my house’s gardens. The bees especially love the lavender plants. I got home late, around 9PM, and I noticed that there were bees sleeping on the flowers. I found it really peculiar that they would sleep out in the open like that.

I did some reading, and learned that male bumblebees (drones) are kicked out of the hive. They spend their days drinking nectar. Around autumn, young queen bees leave their hives and the male bees try to mate with them. So those balls of fluff sleeping on the flowers are male bees with nowhere to go.

It’s fun to watch the bees wake up in the early morning. Each bee wakes up at a different time, some much later than others. First, they slowly brush their body with a leg, back and forth like a window wiper. The bees warm up, crawl around the flowers a bit. After they’re warmed up, they start flying and buzzing around. They make themselves look busy.

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