Seattle downtown

Garlic Man

I was driving down Denny Way, when suddenly, a man bolted in front of my car. I immediately floored the brake and came to a stop a few meters away from him. The man furiously waved a bulb of garlic at a Metro bus window. His jeans sagged and did not fully cover his butt crack. I dared not drive forwards to close the distance or honk at him.

Then the man ripped off a clove from the garlic bulb and plopped the clove into his mouth raw, without peeling off the skin. The man continued to make eye contact with the bus window, chewing the garlic with large, exaggerated bites. His face while masticating was of smug malice. He must have been making a point to someone on the bus. In hindsight, it would have actually been an amazing feat to recognize someone sitting on the bus, because the bus windows are tinted and the bus is barreling down the road.

Eventually, the bus drove off, and the man sauntered out of my lane back onto the sidewalk.

Based on my anecdotal sample size of one, there are more crazy people in Seattle now than in previous years.

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