The Proposal

I took the gondola to the summit of Crystal Mountain. My friends had to use the restroom, so I went off alone to the edge of the mountain to take in the view. Normally, Mt. Rainier would loom large and imposing, flanked by a panorama of the Cascades, but on this day there was zero visibility. Snow fell from the white void in the sky, then merged back into the white void of the ground. Nothing was distinguishable, save for the closest patch of trees.

the picturesque view at the top of Crystal Mountain
the picturesque view at the top of Crystal Mountain

After a few minutes of staring at absolutely nothing, I decided to join my friends by the restroom. But then, suddenly, the man standing right next to me got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. The whole thing was being recorded by a photographer and a videographer. I just wanted to go to the restroom, but that would require photobombing the couple. So I slinked away and waited for a good ten minutes as the couple hugged and kissed for the cameras.

I had been looking out at the void, feeling somber and empty, and then this couple next to me had just declared their eternal love for each other and must have felt over the moon. I imagined what the pictures would look like, the happy couple against a white and empty sky. I could recreate the backdrop with my bedroom wall. When they were done, I went on my merry way to the restroom, thinking, “that was completely unexpected.”


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