Nice Weather

On Saturday, I biked 30+ miles in an event sponsored by a local brewery. Starting in Redmond, I biked around the north edge of Lake Washington on the Sammamish River Trail and Burke-Gilman Trail, to Fremont. There was rain forecasted, but thankfully the clouds did not break, and the weather was perfect for biking. Around the Bothell area, there was a sharp turn and I fell into the grass. My knee and elbow got caked in dirt, but I got up without a scratch. An old man stopped by the side of the road and asked if I was all right. He helped me twist my bike seat back to its proper position and I was on my way again. After 12 miles or so, the pavement got bumpier and my tailbone started to hurt. But the scenery was great and kept me motivated to see Lake Washington and all the lush trees and lake houses. Biking through Fremont was a nice change of pace too, and I exchanged greetings with a coworker who was jogging by.

At the halfway point, I got an IPA at LTD Bar and Grill. I saw the old man again. He said, “You’ve got to lean into those sharp turns, if you sit upright you will fall.” Then he repeated himself twice, with different words, and rather sternly to make sure his biking tip sunk in. I thanked him for the advice and continued biking.

Afterwards, I met up with some people at the University District street fair. Biking made me hungry, so I ate all sorts of food. We ambled around the fair for a few hours, looking at art, eating food, listening to music. The weather was too good to waste, so I wanted to go kayaking. We went to Agua Verde and kayaked to Gasworks Park and back. Afterwards we stopped by the street fair again to eat some more food. Then we went downtown and watched the new Spiderman movie. The day seemed to never end and my energy kept up. Then when I got home, exhaustion caught up to me and I nodded off to sleep.

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