Fear, redux

I biked with no hands down winding roads, asphalt roads, sidewalks… then I got to a familiar road that had an incline, such that the middle of the road was higher than the curbs. And everything was all fine and dandy until the bike suddenly veered right and I crashed against the pavement. Now my hands, elbows, a knee, and a foot is bleeding. The thought had crossed my mind many times: if for some reason the bike suddenly shifted, I would be unable to stop the bike from turning, as I am biking with no hands. But I didn’t heed my own concerns. How foolish.

I used to fall often when I was little. I would rollerblade and scrape my knees. But all throughout college, I rollerbladed through busy streets and up hills and slippery roads covered in fallen leaves and dirt roads and roads full of potholes, and I had never once fallen. I had reached that level of balance where if some large foreign object unexpectedly rammed into me I would be able to regain balance and keep skating. So it was strange to see that my hands were bleeding.

I got up, fixed the rear wheel brake that had jammed against the wheel when the bike fell, and biked back with my hands on the handlebars.

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